LMG Home Improvements are proud to announce the launch of Big Green Solar, a new Solar PV and Battery Storage service that falls under the LMG umbrella.

This isn’t the first time our engineers have installed solar. In fact, when the initial boom in solar took place, our team installed thousands of solar panels across the UK. Back when your energy provider would pay a great feed in tariff for energy you created but didn’t use.

Also, battery storage back then was in its infancy. Then the government removed the feed in tariff, and the solar market came stumbling to a halt.

We’ve kept a close eye on the market since then, and feel now is the perfect time to re-introduce this technology to our customers.

With increasing energy costs and a lower cost of entry, now is the ideal time to consider getting energy resilience by adopting solar panels. Furthermore, now that high capacity energy storage is a reality, there’s no incentive to resell your excess energy to the grid.

We’re fully accredited by MCS to install and maintain solar systems and have a range of solutions to fit most budgets.

Find out how we can help by visiting biggreensolar.co.uk