Plastering services at LMG Home Improvements. We can offer internal plastering for the smooth finish in your home. From full property plastering services to small room renovations. Get in touch today for us to provide you with a free, no obligation quotation.

As a trusted local plasterer we have a large team of plasterers that can support requirements of residential and commercial customers alike.

Re-plastering can completely renew a space. Whether rooms have been remodelled or aged plastering provides a smooth finish to rooms to a modern sleek standard.

A bit about Plastering

A dot and dab wall or a drylined wall is where plasterboard is fixed to a solid brick or block wall. The plasterboard is fixed using of dabs of adhesive or wooden battens. This creates a small gap between the plasterboard and the supporting wall. The plasterboard is then taped and skimmed for a smooth finish.

Standard plasterboard

Standard plasterboard is for areas where only average fire resistance, structural and basic acoustic needs are required.

Thermal insulating plasterboard

Thermal insulating plasterboards are used to improve the thermal properties in a building. Their benefits can be increase energy efficiency and reduction of condensation.

Moisture resistant plasterboard

Moisture-resistant plasterboard is for use bathrooms and kitchens and other wet locations.

Acoustic plasterboard

Acoustic plasterboard reduces sound travelling between rooms, used between floors and adjacent dwellings. For example between bedrooms and bathrooms reducing noise between the spaces.

Fire protection plasterboard

Where fire regulations require higher levels of fire standards fire protection plasterboard is used. These plasterboards are used in areas such as flats. These boards offer higher fire resistance than standard boards and come in varying levels of fire resistance.