Commercial solar

At LMG Home Improvements, our mission is to drive innovation and sustainability in every project we undertake, whether its residential or commercial solar. Recently, we had the incredible opportunity to bring our expertise to the roof and installed solar at Giants Grave Boys And Girls Club. This installation marks a significant milestone not only for our company but also for the local community, which stands to benefit immensely from this green energy solution.

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Why Solar PV?

Solar PV technology converts sunlight directly into electricity using semiconductor materials. Here are several reasons why solar PV is a game-changer for buildings like the Giants Grave Boys and Girls Club:

First, Cost Savings: By generating their own electricity, the club will see a substantial reduction in their energy bills, allowing them to allocate more resources towards their programs and activities.

Next, Environmental Impact: Solar energy is a clean, renewable resource. By switching to solar power, the club is reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to a healthier planet.

Finally, Energy Independence: Solar PV systems provide a reliable source of energy, decreasing dependency on the grid and protecting against rising energy costs.

Commercial Solar

This commercial building is very large, measuring over 7,500 square feet. Even though the building is large, we managed to install 50 panels for the Giants Grave Boys and Girls Club, resulting in savings of over £970 in just five weeks. This means they are saving over £100 every week!

We used JA 435w panels for this installation, which are crucial in saving Giants Grave money. Additionally, we used the following materials:

  • First, a SolaX X3 G4 15.0kW Hybrid inverter
  • Next, SolaX Triple 5.8kWh LFP batteries (three of them)
  • Finally, a Renusol Metasole mounting system (the clips that connect the solar panels)

All of these components contribute to the £970 saved over the first five weeks of generation. The entire system we installed is 21.75 kW. This system is estimated to produce over 18,400 kWh per year and reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 4 tonnes annually, which is equivalent to a car journey of 14,000 miles.

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