Roof Line Extension

External Wall Insulation – Roof Line Extension – Extending the Roof Line of Your Home with External Wall Insulation

When you increase the width of your building, there are various considerations you need to take into account – one of them being how to protect the insulation at the top. There are a couple of ways to achieve this, one being with verge track system or by extending the roofline so that it creates a protective layer against the weather.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss both methods of protecting external wall insulation and how they help to keep the insulation system protected. By the end, you should have a better understanding of why protecting the top of your system is an important consideration when increasing the width of your building.

Verge Track System – Protecting External Wall Insulation

A verge track system is a powder coated aluminium track which has a 40mm overhang from the render system. The rear of the track has a double foam compression seal with a triple layer building sealant to ensure it is water tight. This method of protecting the insulation system from water ingress has been approved to PAS 2030. The verge track system is more economical to install rather than the alternative of extending the roofline.

Verge Track

Verge Track

Why Extend the Roofline?

There are several reasons why extending the roofline is recommended when increasing the width of your building. Extending the roofline is seen as a ‘belts and braces’ method to protect against weather affecting the external wall insulation system. It is the more costly of the methods but offers higher resistance and better protection.

Extending the roofline can add aesthetic value to your home or office. A well-designed roof can complement the look of your building and even increase its curb appeal.

Increasing the width of your building doesn’t have to be complicated. By extending the roofline, you can create a protective layer against weather damage and improve your energy efficiency. Plus, this approach can also add aesthetic value to your home or office. Keep these benefits in mind as you consider how best to increase the width of your building!

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