At LMG Home Improvements, we take great pride and care in every project we undertake, wether private, commercial or contract works. One such significant endeavour is our Social Housing Contract Work in collaboration with TRJ. This initiative spans various locations and involves a diverse array of houses. Our scope of work encompasses essential tasks such as cavity wall insulation extraction, cavity wall rubble clearance, damp-proof cream injection, and more. This blog will provide a comprehensive overview of the complete range of services we offer under this contract.

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Cavity Wall Insulation Removal – How We Do It

This machine is used to efficiently remove all of the wall insulation and rubble. The long pipe runs all the way to the wall, all of the rubble and insulation flows through and goes into the white bag that is connected at the top. When that bag is full it is then taken away and a new bag is placed on.

Social Housing Contract Work (cavity wall insulation removal)

At LMG Home Improvements, we specialize in extensive cavity wall insulation extraction projects, demonstrating our proficiency in enhancing building efficiency. These initiatives involve a meticulous process aimed at removing outdated insulation materials that no longer perform optimally.

Thorough Assessment and Preparation

First, our experienced team conducts a thorough assessment of the existing insulation to pinpoint areas where the material has degraded, compromising thermal protection. This initial step allows us to formulate a plan for effective insulation removal.

Precision Extraction with Advanced Techniques

Next, using advanced equipment and techniques, our skilled technicians extract the old insulation. This process demands precision and care to ensure thorough removal of all remnants, ensuring the walls are pristine and ready for the installation of a more efficient insulation solution.

Benefits of Enhanced Thermal Efficiency

The benefits of these projects are substantial. Improved thermal efficiency not only reduces energy costs but also enhances overall comfort within the building. Modern insulation materials selected for their superior performance contribute significantly to better energy savings and promote a more sustainable environment.

Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Throughout each project, we uphold a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We work closely with building occupants to minimize disruption and ensure a streamlined, efficient process. Our dedication to excellence drives us to consistently deliver superior results, exemplifying our commitment to enhancing building performance and efficiency through cavity wall insulation extraction.

Remedial Wall Ties

 Remedial wall ties play a crucial role in restoring structural integrity by replacing or supplementing corroded or ineffective ties within masonry, thereby ensuring buildings maintain safety and resilience over time. Our process begins with thorough assessments to pinpoint areas of deterioration, guiding us in implementing the most effective remedial measures.

Throughout the installation of these wall ties, we employ advanced techniques and utilize high-quality materials to ensure comprehensive reinforcement. This proactive approach not only addresses current structural concerns but also prevents future issues, safeguarding the longevity and safety of the entire structure. Emphasising thorough planning and execution, we consistently deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique needs and challenges of each project.

Damp Proof Cream Injection

At LMG Home Improvements, we take good care of the damp proof cream injection projects to make sure that are done to the best quality. Dampness can cause structural damage and health hazards like mould. Our skilled team injects specialised creams into affected wall areas to create a barrier against moisture, reinforcing wall integrity and ensuring long-lasting protection for homes, commercial buildings, and social housing.

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