Solar PV Swansea

At LMG Home Improvements are committed to assisting you in solar PV Swansea. By utilising the sun’s boundless energy. Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are transforming the way we power our properties and businesses. For today’s environmentally conscious house and business owners. Solar PV offers a sensible, eco-friendly solution that can lower electricity bills, lessen carbon emissions, and raise property values.

About Solar PV

As the world embraces sustainable energy solutions, solar PV systems have emerged as a top choice for harnessing the sun’s energy. At LMG Home Improvements, we believe that solar PV presents a fantastic option for everyone, whether you’re a homeowner eager to cut down on electricity bills or a business owner aiming to reduce your carbon footprint.

When a customer is interested and asks us about installing solar PV we follow this process.

  • We first conduct an assessment to ensure that the extra weight load is suitable for the house.
  • Following this we use structural calculations to make sure that it is 100% accurate and the weight load is suitable.
  • As a team we then move on to removing the roof tiles.
  • After being left with a clean canvas we then bolt aluminium brackets onto the roof rafters.
  • Then, we replace all the tiles ensuring the roof is water tight.
  • Finally, mounting a railing system is the last step of the solar PV installation.

Project in swansea

For this project in Swansea, we installed 20 units of the 435W panels. Overall, this system is expected to generate 7,900kWh per year, equivalent to charging over 350,000 smartphones annually.

At LMG, we provide each of our customers with a comprehensive quotation pack that details the entire system. This pack includes an overview of the system, its performance projections, financial benefits, and environmental advantages.

Solar PV Swansea


At LMG Home Improvements, we recently completed an exciting project featuring the cutting-edge SolaX Fourth Generation Inverter. This advanced hybrid inverter was seamlessly integrated into our client’s solar energy system, enhancing efficiency, safety, and intelligent energy management.

Our installation team ensured a hassle-free setup, leveraging the inverter’s up to 200% PV oversizing capability to maximize solar energy capture. The high charging and discharging efficiency of the SolaX Inverter optimally stores energy, making the most of every ray of sunlight, even in shaded areas thanks to its built-in shadow tracking feature.

Client Considerations

Durability was a key consideration for our client, and the SolaX Inverter exceeded expectations with its reliable performance in low temperatures and robust IP65 protection. Its compatibility with high-power solar panels ensures the system remains future-proofed for years to come.

Furthermore, our client now enjoys the benefits of seamlessly managing surplus energy with intelligent load management features. The inverter’s ability to integrate effortlessly with smart EV chargers gives the customer the opportunity to enhance the system in the future. This integration allows for efficient charging of electric vehicles using solar power, contributing to a sustainable energy ecosystem.


With flexible operation modes including on-grid, off-grid, and VPP-ready options, our client has unlocked the full potential of their solar energy system. The SolaX Fourth Generation Inverter from LMG Home Improvements has not only optimised energy usage but also paved the way for a smarter and greener future for our client.

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