We have recently blogged about some of the External Wall Insulation work we do, but we also offer many other services like Rendering, Remedial Wall Ties, Plastering, Roofing and Replacement Fascia Soffit and Gutters Bridgend work.

As a registered Freefoam fascia and soffit installer we can offer the best guidance in what to install and can offer a 50 year Freefoam guarantee for roofline works

What are Fascia, Soffits and Gutters?

Roofs are finished with fascia boards, which is a capping board fixed onto the edges of rafters, hiding them from view. Historically these would be timber but wood is quick to rot and deteriorate and are now almost solely fitted with uPVC.

Where the roofline extends passed the wall of the house, the soffits are the gap between the edge of the roofline and the wall and are capped to prevent the rafters of the roof absorbing moisture and rotting. Again these are now fitted with uPVC and can either be a flat board or a more stylish hollow soffit board fitted perpendicular to the wall.

Gutters are imperative in collecting rainwater from your roof and allowing it to drain away through downpipes to the drains below. Quite often where people have rotten fascia and soffit boards, the gutters are replaced. When fascia boards are being replaced, the gutters need to be removed and often screws are deteriorated making it difficult to remove clips in one piece so the price in installing new is not that more expensive when the labour is considered.

For any homeowner, installing new roofline plastics is an easy way to improve the appearance of the roof edges and your home overall, and reduces the need for hefty maintenance for years to come.

Below is a Fascia Soffit and Gutters Bridgend job where the client wanted to modernise the look of the plastics to match their neighbours.

The client had existing uPVC fascia and soffit boards but looked dated since the neighbours and been installed with the wrong fixings used, leaving rust marks and a flat soffit board in place which was to be replaced with hollow soffit board.

The existing gutters were also fixed incorrectly not allowing for correct water draining as seen with the bowed gutter line front and back..



The old plastics were stripped from the building and we found that some of the timbers had rotten through. We replaced the timber to ensure we had a secure fixing to install the new fascia boards.



The new Fascia Soffit and Gutters Bridgend…

The new Fascia Soffits and Gutters Bridgend were installed where a starter track is fitted in situ first to allow the hollow soffit board to be installed and the fascia board caps the end of the roof line.


Fascia Soffit and Gutters Bridgend

Fascia Soffit and Gutters Bridgend

Soffit ventilation was added to ensure the loft space stays dry and does not allow condensation to form.


Fascia Soffit and Gutters Bridgend

Fascia Soffit and Gutters Bridgend

And new gutters installed, leaving a crisp clean finish…

Fascia Soffit and Gutters Bridgend

Fascia Soffit and Gutters Bridgend

How much do replacement Fascia, Soffit and Gutters cost?

Costs can vary from £40 – £100 per linear metre dependent on the size of your property. For a smaller property the price per metre will be higher than a large property and also depends on whether the existing fascia and soffit boards can be capped or whether a full strip of  and replacement is needed.

Our installers operate with the highest professionalism leaving every home looking amazing and all waste disposed of.

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