When you have cavity walls on your property, it is important to have some kind of cavity wall insulation in place. This will prevent moisture from getting into the cavity and not only causing problems with the metal ties holding the two walls together, but the internal layer that is part of your home. Whether your cavity wall was installed by a registered installer or not, problems can still occur that may mean that you need to look at the various cavity wall extraction companies out there.

Cavity wall insulation is only good while it is in good condition. If you have not had yours inspected recently and it was installed at the time when your home was built, it may be the case that any mould or damp issues you have are caused by ineffective, damaged or even badly installed cavity wall insulation.

If that is the case, the best solution is to avail yourself of cavity wall insulation extraction services offered by an experienced and fully qualified team. If you don’t, the moisture that has made its way into the cavity wall will eventually make its way into your home’s interior walls and provide an excellent place for damp and mould to spread. Dampness and mould are not only just a hygiene issue, but also a safety issue.

Furthermore, when the cavity wall insulation you have is no longer in good condition, it can cause spikes in your heating bill, as the energy bills you are paying include the heat lost through bad insulation.

What Types of Cavity Wall Insulation Can be Removed?

A company like LMG Home Improvements offers cavity wall insulation removal for a variety of different types of cavity wall insulation. This includes mineral wool insulation like white wool and rockwool, along with polystyrene beads and urea formaldehyde.

What is Involved in Cavity Wall Insulation Extraction?

Although cavity wall extraction companies will have their own unique methods, the basics are very much the same throughout the industry. At LMG Home Improvements we will carry out an initial inspection of your cavity walls and check if there are indeed defects with the current insulation. If there, are a team will come out and after assessing the risks involved will start drilling out the external walls of the cavity walls causing problems.

extracting failed cavity wall insulation

The aim will be to follow a special pattern using the holes originally drilled by the cavity wall insulation installers. We will have to remove some bricks and open vents around your property at specific points above the damp areas to create points around the external walls for the insulation material to be removed.

Using the drilled holes, they made, the team will then pump compressed air into the cavity wall using a rubber agitating whip with a directional nozzle that will break apart the cavity wall insulation and push it towards the exit points they created.

We then have a powerful industrial vacuum that collects all the mineral wool; or polystyrene beads from the wall extraction at the exit points. To ensure that the cavity wall insulation extraction is done properly, they will work methodically in a specific pattern to ensure that all the insulation material is completely removed.

We then will re-install any vents and replace any bricks that were removed during the process, unless our customer requires additionally work.

What Do We Do with The Damaged Insulation Material?

After we have used the industrial vacuum to remove all the defective insulation, whether its polystyrene beads or mineral wool, it is then pumped inside a stocking net and tied up. The collected insulation material is then transported off site using our registered installer waste carrier licence. We then finish the job cleaning down the property’s pathways to make sure debris is cleared.

If required, we can provide photographic evidence to show that we have fully completed the cavity wall extraction.

So, now you have a better idea of what is involved in cavity wall insulation extraction. If you are interested in finding out more about cavity wall insulation removal, about whether or not you are entitled to any cavity wall insulation grants or simply a quote of the cavity wall insulation removal cost, contact LMG Home Improvements today.

Our team are fully qualified cavity wall insulation installers and can help you reduce your energy bills and work in line with the guidelines set out by the Energy Saving Trust, to ensure that your home does not suffer any more heat lost through cavity walls. We can even help you if you require brand new cavity wall insulation.

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