20 02, 2019

Condensation versus Damp

2019-02-20T11:03:43+00:00Cavity Wall Insulation, External Wall Insulation|

When you have damp in your house it can cause a whole host of serious problems. Not just in terms of the excess moisture causing damp walls that ruin that can play havoc with the structural integrity of the internal walls, but also damp in the house has effects on your health. Many people [...]

20 02, 2019

How we extract Failed Cavity Wall Insulation

2019-02-20T10:54:34+00:00Cavity Wall Insulation|

When you have cavity walls on your property, it is important to have some kind of cavity wall insulation in place. This will prevent moisture from getting into the cavity and not only causing problems with the metal ties holding the two walls together, but the internal layer that is part of your home. [...]

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