Here we look at a Cwmbran Wall Rendering job and look at whether there is a crack proof render on the market?

Before the last decade if you wanted the outside of your walls rendered then general builders and rendering specialists alike would have applied a sand and cement render. This would have typically been made from 4 parts sand and 1 part cement and sometimes lime and finished generally in either a smooth fine down render or a pebble dash finish. So the question is if you want wall rendering, what is the best option to install?

Are sand and cement renders crack proof?

In short, no and traditional renders encounter problems. A building expands and contracts through temperature differences in changing seasons and exposure to wet weather. Cracks in the render  then allow more water ingress and over time leading to areas of blown render. Renderers combat this with the use of lime  to improve the flexibility but it will not stop it cracking.

Thin coats renders – pretty much crack proof?

Modern renders like a silicone enhanced render system are nigh on crack proof! Systems are comprised of two layers of high performance base coat with fibreglass mesh installed. This strengthens the base layers and gives the flexibility needed to cope with weather extremes. Extra mesh installed at 45° around typical weak points around the corners of all window and door openings to provide further strengthening.

The first layer of the high performance basecoat has a fibreglass mesh bedded into it with mesh stress patches fitted at 45° around all openings to prevent typical cracking:

Using a sponge float the second layer of high performance basecoat brings it to a smooth finish.

Finished with a silicone enhanced render, providing a water proof, breathable and flexible top layer which is hard to crack. We have sample made up to show colours to customers, with the samples applied to a plastic background. Even if you bend the plastic in half, the render still does not crack! Pretty amazing stuff.

Render sample showing flexibility

Wall Rendering Cwmbran – How long will it last?

A thin coat silicone enhanced system from Johnstones Stormshield has a 30 year life expectancy and is an investment into your property to make it look fantastic, give a water repellent finish and provide a breathable render solution to help reduce condensation.


How do I get a quote?

With an experienced team we are able to offer highly competitive prices based on project size and products offered. For a free quotation fill in the contact form. One of our team will call back to arrange a suitable time to visit your home.