Although we cover a large geographic area across Wales and England, this project was not far up the road in Merthyr Tydfil.

Background to solving a damp problem and rendering an exterior wall…

This is the property that we started with….

rendering merthyr tydfil

This property suffered from failed cavity wall insulation which was causing damp.

The client asked us to look at the exterior of the property because of damp present in the house and they also wanted to render the property to make it look more modern.

When we went to survey the property we found damp to be present on the front and rear walls which we needed to find out what was causing it. A previous builder had advised the chimney needed re-pointing but we could quickly see that this was ill-advised given the chimney is in the centre of the building and nowhere near the exterior front and rear walls.

Walking around the property we could however see that there we areas of the brickwork on window and door reveals which was exposing the cavity wall insulation to the elements causing the insulation to get wet and absorb the wind driven rain as the property is located on a hill.

We find every time that when insulation gets wet, it will stay wet as it is enclosed inside two walls with no air to assist the dying process. This then allows water to track through the insulation to the inside wall causing wet patches, blown plaster and white powder deposits.

So what did we do to solve the damp to the exterior walls?

The first step of this project was to remove the insulation from inside the cavity wall. This is complete by our expert installers with specialist equipment. The process can take a couple of days to be completed properly with each section checked with a scope camera to look inside the walls making sure all the insulation is removed.

Following this, we applied a silicone enhanced render to the property which is two layers of a basecoat render with a fibreglass mesh sandwiched between with a silicone enhanced render applied on top which is available in over 200 colours. Due to the exposure to the elements, old fashioned sand and cement render weathers quickly resulting and blown and cracked render which does not happen with the robust silicone enhanced render.

This render has water repellent properties whilst remaining breathable making it suitable old and new houses alike

How the finished render product looks …

completed render job merthyr tydfil

With the failed cavity wall insulation properly removed, this home was re-rendered.

Our customer chose a modern dark grey finish which is a stark difference from how it started and we think it looks great!!

So how much does a cavity wall clearance and silicone re-render cost?

Our prices are based on many factors on the size of your homes and the work to be undertaken but a offer a free no obligation survey. You can contact us by filling out the contact form here and a member of our team will give you a call back…

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