• External Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation Burry Port

Here is a completed External Wall Insulation Project Burry Port.

Some background to why External Wall Insulation was needed…

This is the property that we started with where the client contacted us to quote on providing external wall insulation to the exterior of his property to make the house warmer.

We found the house is situated in an exposed location in the town of Burry Port adjacent to the Loughor estuary and when we say adjacent, this is their lovely view but on a cold and wet winter…

How do we do to install External Wall Insulation?

The first step of this External Wall Insulation Burry Port project was to install the 90mm EPS (expanded polystyrene) Insulation boards. This is applied by installing an aluminium base track just above damp proof course with fixings at a maximum of 300mm centres. The boards are then installed in an offset format and pinned with specialist fixings as seen here which are pinned in a standard 5 pin formation with extra fixings on all edges and corners…

External Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation

Once the boards were applied to the property, we then rendered the entire property with a high performance render basecoat. This stage is made up of two layers of basecoat with a fibreglass mesh sandwiched between providing a rock hard finish compared with a sand and cement finish. Here is how it looks…

Once the render is applied the property is then sealed with a primer which is the same colour as the final top coat. The client chose a green colour for this install which is a bit different from the norm but with over 200 textured acrylic render colours available most colours are covered

How the finished External Wall Insulation  product looks …

 Once the property has been fully primered and allowed to dry, we then apply a 1.5mm silicone enhanced render which provides a breathable but water repellent finish as seen here to complete the external wall insulation project.

External Wall Insulation Burry Port

External Wall Insulation Burry Port


How much does an external wall insulation install cost?

Our prices are based on many factors on the size of your homes and the work to be undertaken but a offer a free no obligation survey and we tend to be cheaper then our competitors.

You can contact us by filling out the contact form here and a member of our team will give you a call back…

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