Why render your home?

Many properties around the UK have render applied. It is a common form of protection against weather in areas of the country which receive high rainfall. Others choose to apply render to their property to give it a make over. There are quite a few benefits to improving your home by rendering and we look at some of these and a recent project below rendering external walls Ammanford.

Benefits of rendering

Protecting your home against the weather

As mentioned, it is common practice in areas of the country such as Wales to render homes as a form of protection against the driving rain received. Homes that have poor exterior walls can lead to the breakdown of the external surfaces and subsequent water ingress causing damp. Applying render can create a waterproof barrier for your home giving it a prolonged life expectancy.

Making it warmer

The renders that we use can also be installed as part of an external wall insulation system. External wall insulation is a thermal barrier applied to the outside of a house with a range of materials, but typically slabs of enhanced expanded polystyrene which is mechanically fixed to the outside walls with a render solution applied over the top. These systems help to reduce condensation, protect against damp, improve the energy efficiency within the home and reduce heating bills making your home a more comfortable environment.

Improving your homes curb appeal

Applying render to the outside of a tired looking home can transform a home from looking run down or dated to a modern looking home. With a range of different finishes available like a smooth textured finish or pebble dash finish will make it a happy place to come home to and add value at the same time.

How does new external render look?

Here is a property that we recently completed rendering external walls Ammanford, Carmarthenshire. The customer wanted to modernise the look of their home and the project was to over render the existing dash render with a silicone enhanced render in a 1.5mm textured finish.


Here is how the rendering external walls Ammanford looked before we started..


The existing render when surveyed was found to be structurally sound and the decision was made that it did not need to be removed before the new render was applied. Modern thin coat systems are designed to be able to be installed over the top of existing renders. If we were installing with a sand and cement render, this can be heavy on walls and we would then consider removing the existing render to reduce the load on the wall.

How is the Rendering Installed?

The system we use is a Johnstones Stormshield silicone enhanced render system. It is made up of two layers of high performance basecoat with a fibreglass reinforcing mesh sandwiched between.

The high performance basecoat is sponged to a smooth surface in readiness for the next layers.

Following the basecoat layers the entire property is painted with a silicone primer as a barrier between the basecoat and the top coat.


The final coat applied is the 1.5mm Silicone Enhanced Render. This is trowel applied and finished with a plastic float to provide an even smooth textured finish. The silicone render is breathable and has water repellent properties and the rendering external walls Ammanford project looks great!


Here is how it looks:




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